The fate of PHSA is in your hands!




Public Health is focused on keeping communities healthy, whether it’s working with diseases and illnesses, educating the public, or managing interventions. The culture and diversity in the field of public health are what I like the most because it opens doors to diverse cultural experiences around the world that help you grow as a person and become exposed to different challenges and opportunities! At the end of the day, being part of public health is very rewarding because you are involved in the effort to improve the lives of people all around! I believe I would be a good fit for President of PHSA because I am very passionate about making a difference and helping people out. I want to create change in an environment for the better. Being President’s co-chair this academic year has shown that I am a creative thinker and I have a loud voice, so public speaking is not hard for me. I am very organized and always on top of my work. NO procrastination is one of my mottos. I would love to carry on the legacy for PHSA and really help our public health department grow. A few activities I would love for PHSA to participate in would be more information sessions for students who are wanting to know more about topics such as post-graduation life, new PH major students who need guidance to finishing in time, graduate school information, or even building resumes and winning personal statements. I would love to have PH alumni come to campus and talk about their career choices and any kinds of advice they can give to helping us, students. I would like to have more volunteering opportunities for students to participate in. Anything is open for students to suggest to PHSA and we will be able to help in any way possible. PHSA is here to Prevent, Protect, and Promote. This is what PHSA advocates and this will best symbolize what this association does. To help individuals in every way possible and to show the world what Public Health Student Association can really do!




Public Health encompasses a wide range of issues that are prominent not only within my community, but also beyond borders. From improving personal health to analyzing statistical data of a case study, Public Health’s effort is to ensure the well-being of the population and that is what enthralled me to pursue a career in this field. Not only is the work of Public Health rewarding, but learning about multiple disciplines such as political policy, social work, medicine, and more are very exciting. This field is where I find passionate people whose altruistic purpose is helping families improve their quality of life, future leaders who are making a difference in the world we live in, and guardians who are protecting us from harm. Public Health is constantly evolving and I want to be a part of this change.

I qualify to run for the Vice President position because of my previous leadership experiences with student body association, honors clubs, and non-profit organizations such as Key Club and Circle K International, which promote community engagement through volunteering events, leadership skill development, and fellowship by collaborating with other schools. Working closely with many different organizations, I enjoy the collaborative and administrative work of planning events on and off campus and providing useful resources for students. I am committed in becoming an officer for the Public Health Student Association and I will continue to improve the excellent work that current officers have instituted.

I want to provide more service opportunities for students who love to volunteer and help better the community. I want to create events where people are exposed to numerous disciplines of Public Health. I envision PHSA to be a bridge for students to explore different fields of Public Health in hopes of finding their own passion. I want to increase membership retention and solidify the camaraderie among officers, members, and faculties. I want to implement more social events for Public Health majors to get to know and network among their peers.

For the next academic year, PHSA officers should advocate for personal health. I think it is important for people to recognize the well-being of their physical, mental, spiritual, social, environmental, and emotional health. These dimensions of wellness are relatable to everyday activities and increased awareness will benefit students to improve their overall health.




What I like about Public Health are its core values. Public Health strives to protect and improve the well-being of communities and prevent disease. These goals and values are the reasons why I want to a pursue a career in Public Health. I believe I am a good fit for the role that I am running for because I have experience in this position since I am currently the co-chair for the secretary. I would love to continue to work with this organization and become secretary because I have a lot of ideas and I want to implement these ideas so that PHSA can flourish and the next generation of Public Health students are left with something that they can use.

Something that I would like to bring to PHSA is exposure for the next academic year. Not a lot of people know that a Public Health organization exists and by doing this we will be able to get more students involved. I would also want to create Public Health activities to get students of all different majors involved in healthy living and better sanitation measures. As well as what they should and can do in emergencies in case an outbreak of an infectious disease were to occur within their community. PHSA officers should advocate for a monthly Public Health Career Day event. Where we can get people from different Public Health departments or related departments such as Environmental Health, CERT, Medical Reserve Corp, and/or CDC (for those who are interested in Epidemiology) where they can come and speak to the students to expose them to different career paths since a lot of students are unsure on what they can do with a Public Health degree. By exposing them to these professionals it can be used as a learning experience and potentially interest them in going into a career path of their choosing.




My name is Sebrin Yousef and I am running for PHSA Treasurer for the academic school year 2017-2018.  Public health to me is being the voice for the unheard and running for a position is me being the voice for my fellow peers. What I like about Public Health is the fact that I will be giving back to to community in any way possible in the future. The opportunity given to me makes me more interested in Public Health with the officers now and the professors teaching the courses. The slogan of the club “Prevent. Promote. Protect.” is exactly why Public Health has caught my attention. Preventing, Promoting, and Protecting is what Public Health is about. It lets me know that there are people who can prevent diseases, promote health, and protect those in need of care. I believe I am a good fit for the position I am running for because I have experienced handling money and working along with the officer in the position now. I have volunteered and assisted with handling payments for pizza fundraising as well as at the career fair. I regularly attend the meeting that the club hosts. I am eager to learn more while I’m in the position as treasurer. The kind of activities/ideas I would like PHSA to implement next academic school year are life after CSULA and further educational opportunities. The speakers that come to the general meeting can answer any questions that needs to be answered, the support that we need from our own students for the club and for future events, and voices to be heard if there is any type of issue that needs to be addressed. Also, if there is any type of events that PHSA is holding, to keep on letting the club members as well as students of Public Health to support the event. I believe that as a future PHSA officer, I will help the club reach the goals that needs to reached, help my fellow peers, and will not be afraid to ask for help. So vote for me for treasurer 2017-2018 and I will make sure your voices will be heard with every vote that comes in!




Public health is a field where I can constantly be helping others and that’s why I love it so much. I feel like I am a part of a community that can really make a difference. I get to promote something I am passionate about and I have the opportunity to get involved with other motivated individuals. This is why I am running for the position of Historian within the Public Health Student Association. My hope is to collaborate with the Public Health Student Association officers as well as the student body, to design creative ways to “prevent, promote, and protect” within our CSULA family. I want to create the best environment for our students, and I believe that through the Public Health Student Association I can achieve this. I am interested in activities that bring our Public Health students together to network, collaborate, and utilize all benefits our university has to offer. For example, I would love to continue the PHSA “Tea at 3” educational seminars because I believe this really benefits our students. I would love to have more interactive events during the year as well, and I hope to work with other elected officers in creating fun ways for all Public Health students to become more involved on campus. I think PHSA should advocate for healthy college experiences for all CSULA students, because sometimes we lose sight of what it really means to be “healthy.” STUDENTS will be the number one focus if I am elected. I am a good fit for the position of Historian because as the current Historian co chair, I have experience with hosting events, advertising events, and creating events for PHSA and the CSULA student body. If I’m elected Historian you will always be up to date with PHSA events through flyers, social media, and more. Vote for me for Historian!



Hello Public Health Students!



The current Public Health interns are here to SHOW AND TELL about their respective sites! Dr. Kisler-Pisca and all the interns will be present to answer your questions!


Come and visit us on April 10, Monday & April 11, Tuesday from
3-4:30 PM at the main walkway right in front of the Student Health Center!

See you guys there!

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