Officer Elections 16-17: Applications Available!

Announcing 2016-17 Public Health Students Association Officer Elections!

Applications period is now open!

Applications will be accepted until April 29, 2016.

You may begin campaigning as soon as you receive a response that your application was accepted.

Campaigning consists of:

  • Posting flyers on tack boards in Salazar Hall
  • In Class announcements (With instructor approval)
  • Each candidate may post their campaign flyer on P.H.S.A. Bulletin Board (outside of Caroline’s office)
  • Bashing/sabotaging your opponent will result in your removal from the election.

Public Health Student Association ’16-’17 Officer Application

Officer Descriptions

Winner will be announced May 5th.

Good Luck!


Certified Health Education Specialist Exam By former PHSA President Jacqueline Beltran

Greetings Public Health Students,

I am writing this post with the hope that it will clarify the exam for you and entice you to take it.

Below is a link to the areas that the test evaluates you on.

NCHEC_CHES_areas of responsibilities competencies_2010

If you are accepted as an intern with the Directors of Health Promotion and Education, you will gain hands on practice in each of the areas. You can also have your full exam fees reimbursed if you pay to take the test while you are an intern. This site has intern cycles year round and is a PAID internship. $12/hour. (Do not be discouraged because it asks for letters of recommendation, most of our professors are always willing to help out if you give them an adequate time frame.) I was a DHPE intern and got letters from my advisor Dr. Behjat Sharif,  Dr. Shana Charles (formerly Dr. Lavarreda) and Dr. Jennifer Garcia

Internships are 12 weeks in length and offered three times a year during the Spring, Summer and Fall.

Click here more details –DHPE Paid Internships

When I was preparing for the test I searched the internet for what exactly the test would be like. Personally I thought the exam was exactly like one of Dr. Sharif’s exams. I took her for a majority of my classes PH 470, 456, 445, 479, 475.

The exam consists of 165 questions. 15 are test questions. The remaining 150 questions will test your knowledge, however you do not need to get all correct to pass. A passing score is 96.

The exam is given on a scantron form. You are given a booklet which you may write on, so take advantage.

For example

Question 1.


b.might be correct

c.might be correct


This is how a majority of the questions were laid out. There were answers that were clearly wrong and then two answers that might be right. It is your job to discern between the two.

I used the Health Education Specialist: A Companion Guide for Professional Excellence to review for the exam.

The exam costs $210.00 when you register as a student.

Here is an flyer for the upcoming October 2015 exam!


Since I have passed I would love to form a study group with those of you that are interested in taking the exam.

Please email me at Subject: OCT 2015 CHES Study Group

I will also be mentoring incoming officers to try and establish a scholarship with A.S.I. funding to help cover exam fees for our students!

I wish you all the best of luck and feel free to contact with any questions you may have about our organization.

Best Wishes,

Jacqueline Beltran – President, 2014-15

CSULA Public Health 2015 Alumni Mixer

Thank you all for attending our annual Alumni Mixer! This event was something we fund-raised for all year and I am glad to see everyone’s hard work come to fruition.

Before I leave office, I wanted to highlight the accomplishments the Public Health Student Association was able to achieve this year and provide some recommendations for next year’s officers.

When we started our journey together as officers I made it clear that my style of leading was not giving orders. It was asking for ideas, promoting honest feedback and developing an environment where a sense of trust was formed. There are three key elements that have made P.H.S.A. successful this past academic year. They are inclusiveness, empowerment and the reestablishment of ethics. Prior to being a leader in this club, I was a regular member. During my term as a leader, I used my past experiences to ensure we were successful this year.

During one of our first officer meetings we began discussing obstacles we had all encountered while completing our degree program. We realized the list of obstacles encountered were likely shared among our peers. As a result, we felt empowered to share our own experiences with students in an effort to help them succeed. We conducted internship workshops, personal statement workshops, internship site webinars and community volunteer events. We also planned a career fair, health fair and our last event of the year was our Alumni mixer. We worked hard to provide information to students that would help them overcome obstacles they were likely to encounter in our department. Although our time serving as leaders together has come to an end, I feel confident knowing I have empowered others to continue the race. Although our association was originally formed to advocate for students within the public health major, I hope it will expand to advocate for those in our surrounding communities. Through our community outreach and on campus events, we have had the opportunity to clearly understand the field of public health and what it takes to be a healthy community.

For those of you who volunteered with us before, I hope these experiences have inspired you to advocate for those without a voice.

I hope other students will continue joining and make next year even better than this year.

Congratulations to our winners for this year’s officer’s elections. I wish you much continued success.

President – Allison Lim

Vice President – Johnny Chi

Secretary – Denise Gomez

Treasurer – Leticia Cazares

Historian – Luis Chavez

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Dr. Vasco Kidd
Dr. Vasco Kidd


Out with the old and in with the NEW
Out with the old and in with the NEW


2015-16 Officer Candidates: Campaign Statements

Greetings Students,

Below is a list of candidates that submitted an application for next years officer positions. Applicants were asked to submit a campaign statement and answer the following questions.

  • What do you like about public health?
  • Why do you think you are a good fit for the role you are running for?
  • What kinds of activities/ideas would you like to help PHSA implement for the next academic year?
  • What do you think PHSA officers should advocate for in the next academic year?

Here is their campaign statements as submitted.

Allison Lim – Running for President

Public Health Students of CSULA,

I ask for your help and support in becoming the President of Public Health Student Association. I am a driven, hardworking, and dedicated student and I will bring these traits into the association if elected. I am currently in PHSA’s committee as event co-chair, so I have experience and background in how our association functions. I will work hard in bringing PHSA more exposure and better ways to reach out to students. I am a great collaborator and extremely organized, more great reasons I would be fit as the president. I believe in an “open-door policy”, meaning that I will be available with total access for any requests and questions to students. In becoming PHSA president, I will make it a major priority to my career as a student.  There will be a 100% input from my part in order to get 100% out so that we can make the most out of the 2015-2016 school year!

  • What do you like about public health?

I love the ingenious ideas of program planning in order the better the wellbeing and health of a community. Prevention is the most important aspect in having a healthy life style and this is an aspect public health focuses on! From hand-washing signs to quit smoking commercials, Public health is all around us. Since are so many options and ways to make a difference in the community, there is bound to be a perfect position in public health for anyone.

  • Why do you think you are a good fit for the role you are running for?

I have some experience in PHSA and I am willing to go above and beyond to better the committee to make it known to all of CSULA! As president, I will not only collaborate with fellow officers, but also fellow clubs and committees. I want to be able to work with other groups to strengthen and unify our campus population. I’ll also make sure to give each officer a distinct role and really emphasize communication to maximize our successes.

  • What kinds of activities/ideas would you like to help PHSA implement for the next academic year?

I want to be able to reach out to students and see what THEY want from PHSA. I know this will take a lot of effort and time, but I am 100% willing to just go for it! I want to definitely continue doing volunteer opportunities in our community and get more volunteers to join us. I really liked the various health fairs we offered on campus this year and I would like to expand that and bring in more public health events to CSULA. I also want to collaborate with fellow officers in how we can get more students interested in PHSA and incentives from them to STAY active in PHSA.

  • What do you think PHSA officers should advocate for in the next academic year?

PHSA officers should advocate student outreach, or in other words, we should get more students involved in the association. In doing this the officers will have to sacrifice time to go to new student orientations, go class to class, strengthen our multimedia outlets, and send out emails.

Johnny Chi running for Vice President

  • What do you like about public health?

What I enjoy most about public health is that it incorporates the promotion of health care in a broad perspective, thus benefiting individuals that reside in the populations it serves. This enjoyment is facilitated by the chain reaction that the principles of public health has on our society. These principles involve the assessment public health, in which it incorporates the monitoring of the environment and health statuses of individuals to identify health issues that are predominant in particular areas. Public Health then uses policy development tactics to resolve community issues and the assurance that these public health policies and laws are upheld in society. This broad perspective of public health touches upon every facet of life, life that is constantly changing. This constant change is what makes the implementation of health measures hard to follow and to keep up with, but this is what I enjoy, the challenges that it has to offer, because who said helping others was ever easy.

  • Why do you think you are a good fit for the role you are running for?

I feel that I am a good fit for this position because I have been exposed to volunteering experiences and advocating for community development ever since high school. Not only have I been exposed to the experiences of community development but being in service organizations in general has facilitated abilities for me to coordinate the recruitment processes. These exposures have also helped me develop the ability to properly collaborate with fellow classmates, which I feel that properly working with one another is an important asset to have when working for a common goal. I also understand that being in a higher position doesn’t necessarily mean that I am above others, but that I should treat others with respect and as equals. At the same time being a good leader for fellow members to follow in order to accomplish our common goals step by step.

  • What kinds of activities/ideas would you like to help PHSA implement for the next academic year?

I would like to institutionalize more frequent meetings within PHSA to advocate for a better system of communication between the officers and general members within PHSA. I would also like to establish a better frame work of volunteering opportunities that is consistent year round in order for the next group of officers to follow. One of my main goals if elected as VP is to collaborate with various health organizations on campus to eliminate the privilege of smoking on campus, thus, making the campus a smoking free zone. This would not only benefit the health of nonsmokers from second hand smoke that attend CSULA, but it would also benefit the cleaning and maintenance workers on campus.

  • What do you think PHSA officers should advocate for in the next academic year?

I feel that PHSA should advocate for a smoke free campus, as mentioned earlier I feel it would be beneficial to CSULA. Public Health Student Association advocates for Promoting health measures for the betterment of the community, Protecting and facilitating the safety of the community as well as assuring Preventative measures are implemented for the betterment of the community. By advocating for a smoke free campus I feel that it encompasses these three principles that PHSA follows because we are promoting a healthier environment by getting rid of smoking. We are protecting the health of both students and staff by eliminating the adverse affects of second hand smoke, which correlates to preventative aspects by educating individuals of its affects.

Luis Chavez running for Historian

Hello Eagles! My name is Luis Chavez and I would like to be your Historian for the upcoming school year 2016. Small background of myself since I would want to know who I’m voting for:I currently work part-time in addition to full course-work at CSULA, and pursing a paramedic position within a Fire Department or getting into PA school with eventually earning an MPH.As many of you might be in the same category, I did not know much of Public Health until I got my foot in the door and glad I did because I found out how great our field really is! I love how our field can be applied to anything that is out there but out main focus is to help those around us.  As stated previously, I am running to be a Historian, which sounds exciting position for me since, I have been a Historian for my high school for ASB (Alhambra High). I enjoyed that, and I do love taking pictures with my DSLR. In addition to that, the title does tend to work with digital art and design, and I always enjoy projects with Adobe Photoshop. As historian, I would like to keep Public Health Students updated with different opportunities, and help our department’s image grow on our campus within our channels being our website, social media outlets or different department apparel. Working with different officers would be vital in order to improve our image within our campus to know what Public Health is, because I always find myself telling others what my major is about. Hope I can count on your vote!

Denise Gomez running for Secretary

Fellow students,

As a fourth year student in the Public Health major I have discovered my true passion in the field and have been exposed to different aspects of public health. These experiences have led to my realization that my true calling within the field is Environmental Health. Not many students are aware of the opportunities within public health and the importance that public health has in our lives. I recall being confused and unaware of the opportunities of this major. Now that I am knowledgeable about the field and want to counsel other students who are how I once was; specifically who are transferring into the major and are still unclear of what they want get out of Public Health.

I also know the difficulties of balancing work and school along with my personal life and would implement that in my approach of communicating with the Public Health student body. Therefore I would like to help address incoming freshman and graduating seniors with a broad range of opportunities to enhance more career opportunities. One way to do that is to enhance network opportunities within staff and community organizations that are willing to reach out to students in our campus. The time-management and organizational skills that I have gained through my experience in working with high school students will be a great advantage if granted the position of Secretary.

The activities that I would like to see implemented next academic year include Grad Fairs for those students considering a post-bachelor education. I will also persuade more students to join the Public Health Student Association by making more people aware of the benefits of being in the Association. I believe having a Public Health Club with different branches such as Community Health Club, Environmental Health Club, or International Health Clubs is valuable and relevant to future careers. Such campus organizations can also make students’ applications more appealing to grad school. Campus wide, implementing health fairs that will bring all students at Cal State LA to attend with the purpose of extending knowledge of Public Health. If elected your next secretary I will make this role one of my top priorities. I care about our community, our campus, and making Public Health known to the rest of the campus. I care about your voice and the actions that our program takes on.

Anthony Pascual running for Secretary

What do you like about public health?

Aside from the fact that public health, or health sciences is my major, it also caught my attention as a health conscious individual because I believe that everyone’s health is very important. And I liked public health for this reason! I like how they promote good health by organizing open workshops for everyone.

  • Why do you think you are a good fit for the role you are running for?

It is very hard to carry my own bank, but I sincerely believe that I am organized. As a student, carrying a little planner is very important because it keeps my schedule organized. I write everything, such as homework and paper deadlines, midterm and final dates, and most especially appointments to keep myself aware from the happenings of my daily living.

  • What kinds of activities/ideas would you like to help PHSA implement for the next academic year?

I have been attending different kinds of leadership programs at Cal State Los Angeles, including Leadership Exploration Advancement Program (LEAP), and Leader Project (LP), and I truly believe that attending those programs built me as a true leader. And by attending those leadership programs, I have learned so many ways to follow a team, and also to lead a team. If I were to implement activities for PHSA, I would most likely promote health wellness to each and every individual by conducting workshops, such as HIV, HPV, and other factors that affects the human health.

  • What do you think PHSA officers should advocate for in the next academic year?

As an organization at Cal State Los Angeles, it can support different types of advocacy, but as a health organization it is really important that it should support health advocacies. As an aspiring officer, I truly believe that conducting workshops about health wellness is the best action I can do.

Leticia Cazares running for Treasurer

Fellow students,

It is with great excitement that I announce my candidacy for treasurer of the Public Health Student Association at Cal State L.A. Public health is an extremely interesting field. I am very passionate about working with underserved and vulnerable populations because they are the ones who really need our help. I take an interest in helping communities understand what tasks need to be done in order to prevent them from acquiring diseases and to promote healthy lifestyles. I feel the need to make an impact on those communities and I like looking back and knowing I influenced them in some way. I am a very outspoken, persistent and outgoing individual who is not afraid to speak up and advocate for what I want and need. I am very self-driven, committed and dedicated to the field. My past volunteer experiences with various organizations prove how dedicated and passionate I am about my field. I am very excited for the upcoming year and the activities I can bring to the campus. I plan to create activities in which students can network with professionals who are in the public health field and better network opportunities for students by inviting different public health organizations and departments to our campus such as, the LA County public health department and other well-known public health associations and departments. The Public Health Department is among the biggest departments at Cal State L.A. and I want most, if not all, of our public health students to be involved in the Association. Along with my team, I will hold monthly meetings where students can raise their concerns and discuss various topics, such as opening more public health classes.

By working within the cabinet, I will be able to understand and address my peers’ concerns and I will directly discuss and share those with the President and Vice-President to help bring changes. I would help host many fundraising events that would appeal students at Cal State L.A. I understand becoming a treasurer requires a lot of responsibility and having time management skills as well as organizational skills. I possess all of these, which will help me be successful in the position. PHSA officers should advocate for more student involvement in decisions relating to which classes should be available each quarter and to help students make an easy transition into the semester system.

Cristina Sun running for Treasurer

In today’s society, students majoring in Public Health have fallen victim to the question of “what can you do with that major?” “What is it exactly?” Even though some of these students go onto the clinical perspective of Public Health in helping the world, individual to individual, some are forgetting the true goal Public Health advocates for: preventing on a community level.

Therefore, the reason I like Public Health is because it views the health of the world in terms of it as a whole rather than on an individual level. Even though at times, individuals do not realize or want to realize the effects of Public Health, Public Health helps the overall health of the community by eradicating preventable diseases. As a person who has worked in a clinical setting, I believe there is many ways Public Health could have prevented the hardships these patients face on a daily basis. Some individuals are reluctant in believing Public Health could have an impact on their lives until they are forced to depend on clinical treatments for their day-to-day lives.

Therefore, I would be a good fit for Treasurer because I believe fundraisers not only help the funding situation of the association, but it is also a great opportunity in advertising and educating the public on what Public Health can do for society. For the next academic year, I would like to implement funding plans that would not only help fund the organization, but also help fund other Public Health organizations to open the eyes of the student population of the effects Public Health can make. Therefore, I believe that the Public Health Student Association officers should advocate fundraisers that would not only fund the organization, but also at the same time help advertise to the student body the impaction Public Health can make.

Alumni Mixer

Greetings Public Health Students,

As the quarter is slowly coming to an end we’d like to inform you of our last event for the quarter.

Attached is the flyer. The event is open to ALL csula students however only Public Health alumni will be in attendance. I hope to see you all there!!!

Volunteer Certificates will be awarded to all of you who volunteered with us this past year! We have a few more opportunities to earn a certificate!! See previous post for details.

Alumni mixer flyerjpg

Volunteer Certificates

Hi Everyone,

Each quarter PHSA community outreach committee chairs, Benj and Kim, seek out group volunteer opportunities for us to attend. For the month of May we have a few opportunities for you to earn a Volunteer Certificate that will be awarded to volunteers at this year’s Alumni Mixer on June 2nd. For those of you who volunteered with us previously, you will receive a certificate.

P.s. It’s not too late to submit your application to be a PHSA officer next year! Deadline is May 22nd see previous post

1. The first opportunity is this Saturday 5/9/15

This is a national award winning community volunteer event. If you have small children or niece/nephew, please feel free to bring them as well!

MHAD Little Builder Flier Span-Eng 2015Mar19 – EVENT FLYER

If you would ilke to sign up for this event please click link below.

Little Builders Partner Commitment Form 2015Apr16-aem

Please fill out form and submit it back to the contact person at the bottom of the flyer.

2. Next Event is a collaboration with Chicanos for Community Medicine.

 CSULA CCM’s 7th annual Health Fair on Sunday, May 17th at Our Lady of Talpa Church

ccm health fair flyer

located at 2914 E 4th St, Los Angeles, CA 90033 area of Boyle Height, Los Angeles.

This event is a great opportunity to volunteer and better understand the challenges of areas affected by physician shortages, as well network with health professionals such as physicians, nurses and dentists and most importantly, to continue CCM’s mission of service to local communities.

Pre-event Training – location will be on Friday, May 8th 1:30PM-3:30PM or Friday, May 15th 1:30PM -3:30PM on CSULA campus in Biological Science Building room 334.

            Volunteers are needed in a variety of areas to ensure the success of this event. There will be two volunteer shifts for this event. The first shift will be from 7:30 AM – noon and the second shift will run from 11:30 AM – 4:00 PM.  All volunteers will be REQUIRED to attend one of the following orientations, Friday, May 8th from 1:30-3:00 p.m. OR Friday, May 15th from 1:30p.m.- 3:00p.m. If you wish to volunteer for this event, please respond ASAP to with the following:

1. Name

2. Phone number

3. Shift availability (7:30-noon or 11:30-4:00)
4. First and second station preferences (see station descriptions below)
5. Please tell us if you are bilingual in Spanish.
Station Descriptions:
Registration– We will need volunteers to register health fair participants at the beginning of the fair. Bilingual volunteers preferred but not required.
Chaperones- This is our area of greatest need. Chaperones will be in charge of leading families through the health fair. This is a great place to be if you really want to take an active role in the health fair. Bilingual volunteers are preferred but not required.
BMI table (Body Mass Index)- If you are stationed at this table you will help weigh and measure the height of health fair attendees.
Vitals– Volunteers at this table will assist in taking blood pressure, glucose readings etc… Priority for this table will be given to health professional students, (nursing, medical etc…) Non-health professional students will be assigned to this table on an as-needed basis. If you are assigned to vitals you may also be moved to other stations if needed.
Arts & Crafts

3. Venice Family Clinic Art Walk – May 17th!!

Raising more than $700,000 in donations, This event features a 350-piece art auction, live entertainment, a beer garden, and an impressive lineup of gourmet food trucks and local vendors.

Date: Sunday, May 17th 2015

Location: Google’s Los Angeles Headquarters in Venice

Volunteers NEEDED! It takes over 400 volunteers to make this event possible, helping with pre-event preparations in the weeks leading up to the Art Walk as well as during the event itself on Sunday, May 17th. Volunteer shifts are generally 3-4 hours long on the day of the event, starting as early as 7:30am and ending as late as 10:30pm.

If you are interested in volunteering for this event you can sign up here

For the question Do you plan to volunteer as a part of a group or alongside a friend/family member?

Please put: Public Health Students Association

4. Last chance to earn a volunteer certificate!

Last seminar opportunity of the quarter!

I would like to invite you  to attend this quarter’s California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) Cal State LA/Cal Poly Pomona Bridges to Stem Cell Research talk, which will be held on Thursday, May 21, at 3:15 PM,  Bios 144

Dr. Karen Aboody, MD, from City of Hope (  presenting the seminar “Stem Cell Mediated Cancer Therapy: From Bench to Bedside.”  Dr. Aboody is a pioneer in stem cell brain cancer therapy.  She is known to give wonderful talks, and enjoys meeting with students who are anticipating careers in medicine, therapy development, and/or basic stem cell research.  Her talk will be of interest to anyone interested in cancer therapy and stem cells from either a theoretical/mechanistic or clinical perspective.

Refreshments and discussion are scheduled afterward in BioS 220.

If you have any questions regarding any of the volunteer opportunities please be sure to email me at